CREG tunneling machine will be sent to Brazil

The tunnel boring machine designated by the number “1207” that will excavate the tunnels for the São Paulo Line 2 extension has successfully passed the customer acceptance process, the equipment manufacturer, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG) informed on the 20th of January. The tunneling machine was created and finished by the company itself and will be sent to Brazil in the coming weeks.

According to CREG, the 1207 tunneling machine, with a diameter of 11.66 meters, will excavate around 6,500 meters of tunnels at a depth of up to 41 meters. The subsoil through which the machine will travel is composed of sand, silt and clay, as well as complex geological conditions such as large gravels and intrusive rocks along the path.

Tunneling machine 1207 is CREG’s first TBM (Tunnel Bore Machine) produced in China and delivered to the South American market, as well as China’s largest TBM exported to that continent.

(Source: Metro CPTM)