Company seeks even ‘Chinese BNDES’ to implement high-speed train project in Brazil

TAV Brasil is trying to attract investors who are apt to inject at least R$ 50 billion over ten years in the construction of a high-speed train between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In their sights are foreign resources and national pension funds – an old formula of the government to promote large projects.

The idea of the group is to raise at least 80% of the necessary resources with funds and institutional investors in Brazil and abroad. According to TAV’s president, Bernardo Figueiredo, the investment in the project can be paid back between six and ten years, if long-term low-interest financing is obtained.

In an interview, Figueiredo said that he has already had initial talks with EximBank, and there were signs that the bank is willing to enter even as a partner.

(Source: Folha)