Chinese video app Kwai bets on telenovela culture to increase users in Brazil

The Chinese short-video app, Kwai, launched Telekawi on its platform, which is a two-minute soap opera column, in the hopes of attracting more Brazilian users.

According to the company, the telenovela culture is still highly prevalent in Brazil and Latin America, so this will be the genre of entertainment that draws users to the app the most.

The general director of Kwai in Brazil, Mariana Sensini, said that the application does not directly produce the video content, however, it participates in some productions as a co-producer. The first Telekwai trials were conducted in Brazil at the beginning of the year, and by April, more than 100 accounts were providing weekly dramaturgical content for the application.

The company arrived in Brazil at the end of 2019 and currently has 45.7 million monthly active users.