Chinese traders to start direct purchases of Guinean cashews

Chinese dealers will begin next year buying cashew nuts grown in Guinea-Bissau direct from the producers, Lusa reports, citing Guinean Ambassador to China António Serifo Embaló.

Chinese have shown interest in the businesses of farming, fishing, manufacturing and tourism in Guinea-Bissau, a report carried by the Portuguese news agency on Tuesday quotes Mr Serifo Embaló as saying.

Mr Serifo Embaló, speaking in an interview, called for a clear guide to investing in his country to be drawn up for Chinese businesspeople.

The ambassador and the Guinea-Bissau Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Services will hold next month a seminar about the potential that the Chinese market holds for Guinean businesspeople, Lusa says.

In March a report by The Paper website, a Chinese state-owned medium, quoted Mr Serifo Embaló as saying Guinea-Bissau produces 200,000 tonnes of cashew nuts a year, most of which is exported to India.