Chinese peony paintings of Heze arrive in Brazil’s Colombo city

Nine fine-stroke peony paintings from Heze, the home city of the peony in Shandong Province, were established officially on this Monday in Colombo, located in the  Paraná state of Brazil.

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Colombo Helder Lazarotto, the vice-mayor Alcione Giaretton, the president of the Brazil-China Cultural Exchange Chamber Shangguan Jianfeng, as well as representatives of Chinese companies in Brazil

In December 2006, Heze and Colombo became sister-cities. In the past 15 years, the cooperation between the two sides in economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges has continued to deepen, and the friendship bridge has become more solid, said Zhou Shenghong, member of the Standing Committee of Heze Municipal Committee and head of the Publicity Department.

The mayor of Colombo, Helder Lazarotto, expressed his gratitude to the municipal government of Heze and hopes that the two cities can have a closer cooperation in the future, welcoming Chinese companies to invest in Colombo and share development opportunities.