Chinese participation in Brazilian beef exports reaches 70%

The Brazilian agricultural website Farmnews presents data about Chinese participation in Brazil’s beef exports between January and July from 2016 to 2022.

According to the data, in terms of amount, the Chinese proportion of Brazil’s beef exports in the partial 2022 to July was 71.5% and was a new peak for the period. Between January and July of 2022, Brazil exported US$6.22 billion of beef and China alone accounted for US$4.45 billion or 71.5% of that amount. Over the same period of 2022, the Chinese participation in terms of the purchase rate, which is calculated in thousand tonnes, was slightly lower at 63.7%.

The fact is that since 2016, from January to July, China’s participation in Brazilian beef export turnover has risen from 17.7% to the current 71.5% in 2022. This reinforces the Asian country’s importance to Brazil.