Chinese painter Yanbei exhibits again in Lisbon

Chinese painter Yanbei took part in the JUSTLX, a contemporary art fair held from May 19 to 22 at Lisbon Congress Centre in Alcântara.The proceeds from the sale of his paintings will be donated to an aid agency for Ukrainian children.

Yanbei, named Guohui Zhang, a former art teacher, journalist, and owner of an advertising agency in China, chose to settle in Portugal almost ten years ago.

When Yanbei exhibited in 2018 at the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre in Lisbon, his painting has already made an impact. He has also participated in two more exhibitions, one of which was held in Porto.

It has been nine years since his first visit to Portugal, eight since his emigration, and four since his great exhibition in Lisbon (entitled Recomeçar). Yanbei increasingly sees Portugal “as a country for the future”.