Chinese-owned company investing in Angolan niobium mine

A joint venture by Angolan state-owned miner of iron ore Ferrangol EP and Chinese-owned Sociedade Niobonga – Comércio Geral is due to begin this year mining niobium in Quilengues in the southwestern Angolan province of Huíla, Angop reports, quoting a local government official there, Adriano Pedro.

The Angolan state-run news agency quotes Mr Pedro as saying Niobonga is investing US$100 million in exploiting a concession covering 160 square km of Mount Bonga, after prospecting for two years.

Mr Pedro said the mine would be the first niobium mine in Huíla.

He said niobium was used in making turbines, spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, steel alloys and superconducting material.

Mr Pedro believes the mine will raise the standard of living of the people of Quilengues, Angop says.