Chinese-owned chain of eye clinics to tap Portuguese market

Clínica Baviera, a Chinese-owned chain of eye clinics in Spain, intends to expand into Portugal in the next 12 months, Cinco Días says, citing Clínica Baviera Chief Executive Eduardo Baviera.

Mr Baviera said in an interview that the chain had plans to open branches in Britain, France and Portugal, and to have 100 branches in all by the end of this year, the Spanish newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Mr Baviera said the chain was aiming for annual revenue of 300 million euros (about US$330 million) by 2032.

Aier Eye Hospital Group Co. Ltd of China acquired 80 per cent of Clínica Baviera in 2017, giving the Spanish chain access to Aier Eye Hospital Group know-how, Cinco Días quotes Mr Baviera as saying.