Chinese medicine company from Macau registers in Brazil

Macao-Union Pharmaceuticals Factory Ltd., established in 2008, has more than 600 products on sale in Macao. Now, it is preparing to enter the Brazilian market by registering products for external use.

Between 2008 and 2013, the factory only helped local OEMs contact pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in Macau. Then, in 2013, the Original Macau was created, with registration in Macau and mainland China. The Barcelos rooster is the symbol of the brand that has gradually secured its space in the local market.

The company registered its products in the Mozambican market in 2018, thanks to the help of the Scientific and Industrial Park of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Guangdong-Macao Cooperation in Hengqin. After the experience of its promotion and registration in Mozambique, the company chooses to follow the advice of local agencies and let them select the products with the greatest potential for their market.

(Source: Plataforma Macau)