Chinese medical mission arrives in Cabo Verde

A party of Chinese healthcare practitioners has arrived in Cabo Verde to reinforce the efforts there to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, and generally to increase Sino-Cabo-Verdean cooperation in the field of medicine, the Chinese Embassy in Praia says.

The embassy said in a note that the Chinese mission is the 19th of its kind to Cabo Verde.

The announcement quotes Chinese Ambassador to Cabo Verde Du Xiaocong as telling the members of the mission after they arrived that their work, which will include support for efforts to curb COVID-19, is an important aspect of Sino-Cabo Verdean cooperation.

Mr Du bade farewell to departing members of the preceding Chinese medical mission to Cabo Verde, and commended the work they have done in the past two years, in particular their efforts to curb the pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in Praia says.