Chinese-led aerial search for Angolan minerals completed

An aerial survey of Angola intended to reveal the potential value its untapped mineral resources has been completed, Lusa reports, citing Angolan Geological Institute President Canga Xiaquivuila.

Angola has invested US$259.4 million in the Chinese-led geological survey of the country that includes the aerial survey, the Portuguese news agency quotes Mr Xiaquivuila as saying on Wednesday.

Mr Xiaquivuila also said surveyors on the ground had completed their survey of the south of the country, having collected samples that can be used in assessing potential sources of minerals for making construction materials or for other purposes.

The geological survey began in 2014, and its findings are meant to attract foreign investment in Angolan mining, Lusa says.

An economic crisis stalled the survey, which is led by CITIC Construction Co. Ltd of China, but last July Angolan President João Lourenço announced that he would re-start it.