Chinese IoT software firm signs Brazilian partnership to sell smart home products

Chinese software company Tuya Smart and Brazilian seller of accessories for mobile phones i2GO say they have formed a partnership to sell products for turning ordinary dwellings into smart homes, in the technological sense.

Tuya General Manager for Latin America, the Middle East and Africa Johnny Lu believes the arrangement will make smart homes more popular in Brazil, according to a written announcement issued by the partners last Saturday.

The partners say i2GO will use a Tuya Smart development tool for the Internet of Things (IoT) to come up with products for smart homes in Brazil, and eventually in other parts of Latin America and beyond.

The joint announcement quotes i2GO Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Castro as saying his company aims to be a pioneer in the nascent market in Latin America for smart home technology.

Among the products using Tuya Smart technology that i2GO already sells are smart light bulbs, remote controls, plugs and security cameras, the partners say.