Chinese investments grow again in Brazil after the pandemic outbreak

According to a study released on 31st of August by the Brazil-China Business Council, Chinese companies invested US$ 5.9 billion in Brazil in 2021, the highest figure recorded since 2017 and 208% higher than that recorded in 2020, when global businesses and Chinese investment, in particular, were affected by the consequences of COVID-19.

The document indicates that, even in the context of global instability, Chinese companies implemented 28 large business projects in Brazilian territory. As a reference, there were 31 major Chinese projects carried out in the country in 2018 and 28 projects in 2017.

In addition, with the gradual resumption of economic activity after the rise in vaccination rates in some countries, not only Chinese investments but external contributions in general increased in Brazil.

The study indicates that the increase in Chinese investments in Brazil was superior to the expansion of Chinese investments in other countries.