Chinese instructors teach Angolans how to grow potatoes

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has put on a seminar in the Angolan province of Huambo last week to teach 30 Angolan agricultural technicians how to produce potatoes efficiently and spot diseases in potato crops, Xinhua reports.

The Chinese government-run news agency says the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangzhou Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd and the agriculture department in Huambo jointly arranged the seminar.

The seminar aimed to help Angola nurture more agricultural professionals and enhance its productivity.

The report quotes Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao as saying agriculture is among the most important of areas for Sino-African cooperation.

Angola has the farming resources and China has the farming expertise, so the prospects for Sino-Angolan cooperation in agriculture are bright, Xinhua quotes Mr Gong as saying.