Chinese in Guinea-Bissau fully vaccinated against COVID-19

All Chinese living in Guinea-Bissau are now fully inoculated against COVID-19 with a vaccine developed in China, having received both doses required, the Chinese Embassy in Bissau says.

Staff of the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital in the capital started last month the drive to inoculate Chinese living in Guinea-Bissau, according to a written statement issued by the embassy on Monday.

The embassy expressed gratitude to the Guinean government for supporting the vaccination drive, and commended Chinese-run companies and the Chinese medical mission to Guinea-Bissau for their contributions.

Chinese living in Guinea-Bissau voiced pride in having received a vaccine devised in China, and confidence that they are now protected against COVID-19, the Chinese Embassy in Bissau says.

Last month the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, reported that Chinese in Guinea-Bissau received the vaccine devised by Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd.