Chinese firm to introduce aerial drones in Brazil agriculture sector

Chinese company Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co Ltd signed a co-operation agreement with the Brazilian government on May 31 to introduce the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Brazil’s agriculture market, Chinese-language newspaper Wuxi Daily reported.

The Chinese firm, which specialises in the manufacturing of UAVs, is co-investing US$8 million with Asia Business Center do Brasil in building a factory that will help introduce UAV technology in Brazil’s agriculture market. The project will also train personnel in the use of the technology. The initiative could help resolve existing problems in crop protection – work that is currently mostly done by hand – the media outlet reported.

The agreement signed between Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co Ltd and the Brazilian government took place at the 4th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, where the Chinese firm has showcased several new models of UAV for the use of crop protection, security and aerial surveying and mapping, the report said.