Chinese electric car Logigo Lliro arrives in the Brazilian market

The Logigo Lliro, a Chinese electric car, arrives in Brazil for R$70,000. In Brazil, the vehicle was named the Logigo Lliro, but in China it is called the T90 and is sold by a local automaker called Jinpeng.

Logigo’s product was created to circulate in closed places, such as factories, airports or large companies, especially those that need agility to travel considerable distances, but will not be able to circulate on Brazilian streets.

This car is of Chinese origin, but was developed by a Brazilian connectivity company, which stood out in the segment as a supplier of multimedia centers for automakers installed in the domestic market.

The Logigo Lliro is 3.5 meters long, 1.54 meters wide, 2.3 meters between axes, and 1.52 meters high and also has headlights and lanterns with LED points, alloy wheels, a push-button motor, and various other technologies.