Chinese delegation visits Brazil for future exchanges in the fishing chain

With the aim of promoting future commercial and technological exchange focused on the fishing segment, a delegation composed of four members of the Chinese government was received on the afternoon of June 21st of June by the head of the Secretariat for Agricultural Development and Fisheries (Sedap), Giovanni Queiroz, who was accompanied by the servers that make up the Fisheries Directorate and the Secretariat’s Aquaculture Coordinator.

At the meeting, held at the headquarters of Sedap, information was presented, including an overview of the actions carried out by Sedap aimed at fishing and aquaculture. The Chinese also presented an overview of the sector, especially in Fujian Province, in the southeast of the Asian country, which is one of the most important fishing centers in China.

“The technical team officially made a visit to Pará, turning its eyes to fish production, whether in artisanal or professional fishing or in the production, industrialization and commercialization of our fish”, announced Queiroz.

(Source: Belé