Chinese company to build granite processing plant in Mozambique

China-based Jiangsu Huaxi Group will invest up to US$50 million to build a granite processing plant in Manica Province, in the central part of Mozambique, reports local newspaper Notícias. The company plans to export granite products to other markets, including to China.

A total of US$25 million will be invested by October this year to complete construction of the plant and install the necessary equipment, said Wu Xie’en, Chairman of Jiangsu Huaxi Group, in a press conference, reported the local newspaper. The company will continue investing in additional equipment to increase the plant’s processing capacity and might even consider processing other types of materials.

The Governor of Manica, Alberto Mondlane, said the plant would be processing granite not only from Manica, but also from the neighbouring Tete Province. The plant’s construction phase currently employs 200 locals. Once the unit is in operation it will provide work for approximately 300 people, said Mr Mondlane, quoted by Notícias.