Chinese company supplies uniforms to the Armed Forces of Cabo Verde

The Armed Forces of Cape Verde will once again buy uniforms from a Chinese state-owned company for almost 130,000 euros, according to the authorization granted by the order of the Minister of Defense, which came into force on the 27th of September.

According to order 29/2022, a deal worth 14 million escudos (128 thousand euros) is to be carried out with the Chinese state-owned company China Xinxing Import and Export, through a contract authorized by the direct agreement.

The same company, with the same arguments and for a similar value, had already been contracted by the government to supply uniforms to the military of Cabo Verde before, due to the lack of certified companies in the country.

The Chinese company, established in 1987, specializes in the production and development of uniforms and other equipment for the armed and police forces in various countries, with an annual turnover of over 300 million dollars.