Chinese company Sunova to open its own warehouse in Brazil

Since the beginning of 2020, global logistics has suffered from the impacts of the pandemic, which has caused a shortage of containers, shipping delays, port congestion, and an increase in the shipping prices..

Therefore, Chinese photovoltaic module manufacturer Sunova Solar announced the establishment of a warehouse in Itajaí, Brazil, within 2022, where the company’s Brazil office is located.

The General Director of Sunova Solar in Brazil, Wellington Araújo, said that with the establishment of the local warehouse, the company will be able to handle after-sales problems quickly. If there is a quality problem with some modules, the company can quickly collect other modules from the warehouse and replace the defective ones, so as to avoid losses to customers.

Furthermore, Araújo is optimistic about the future of the photovoltaic market in Brazil, pointing out that the country’s solar power generation capacity has exceeded 10 GW.