Chinese company offers mobile bridges for airports

The concessionaire Aena informs that the international airports of João Pessoa – Presidente Castro Pinto and Aracaju – Santa Maria now offer passenger boarding and disembarking through mobile bridges.

According to Aena, these devices bring numerous advantages to users, ranging from increased agility in boarding to more comfort and practicality.

The bridges are manufactured by China’s Tianda, one of the main companies in the sector, and will serve around two-thirds of domestic flights and 95% of international movements. Each one is 31 meters long – with a metallic structure – and both are air-conditioned. They are also compatible with more than 40 models of jet aircraft, covering the vast majority of those that the airfield receives, such as the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A321.

(Source: Agência NE9)