Chinese car manufacturer accelerates transformation of electrification of plant in Brazil

The Chinese car manufacturer Caoa Chery announced on Friday that the Jacareí factory in Brazil will undergo a transition to meet the global demand for sustainable transportation. Caoa Chery hopes that the electrification of all models from this brand can be completed by the end of 2023.

The Arrizo 6 Pro model, originally made in Jacareí, will be imported from China, while the Tiggo 3 model will be produced in the factory of Anápolis.

Caoa Chery will continue to provide services including technical support, repair, and maintenance for the customers who have bought cars manufactured in the Jacareí factory, through over 140 dealers in Brazil.

As the pandemic eases, the automobile manufacturing industry in Brazil shows signs of improvement. The sales of light and heavy vehicles in April increased by 0.3% compared with March.