Chinese builder revamping Cabo Verdean National Auditorium

A Chinese building contractor is remodelling the National Auditorium in the Cabo Verdean capital, Praia, Lusa reports, quoting an official of the Cabo Verdean Ministry of Culture, Adilson Gomes.

The Portuguese news agency quotes Mr Gomes as saying the contractor will give the facility two new multipurpose rooms meant for artistic endeavours by Cabo Verdeans.

Mr Gomes, Cabo Verde’s director-general for Arts and Creative Industries, said the contractor would replace all 600 seats in the auditorium, and fit it out with new lighting equipment, in the first state of the works.

By 2021 the Chinese contractor is set to repaint the facility and replace the existing spotlights with more efficient LED spotlights, said Mr Gomes.

The remodelling is a Sino-Cabo Verdean cooperative effort, Lusa quotes Mr Gomes as saying.