Chinese-backed, gas-fired power station in Brazil starts up

The Chinese-backed power station at the southeastern Brazilian port of Açu has begun generating electricity, Xinhua reports.

The Chinese government-run news agency says the power station is fuelled by natural gas, and that its first phase has 1.34 GW of installed capacity, enough to supply 6 million households with power.

The first phase began operating last Thursday, the report says.

It quotes Bernardo Perseke, who is in charge of the power station, as saying the reliable supply of electricity produced will help reduce Brazilian reliance on power generated by dirtier methods than burning natural gas.

The power station is being built in four phases, and will ultimately have an installed capacity to 6.4 GW, the report says.

State Power Investment Corp. Ltd (SPIC) of China has a one-third stake in the power station, Xinhua says.

Last Friday SPIC announced that it would start work on the second phase to bring the installed capacity up to 1.68 GW.