Chinese-aided improvements to farming benefit Cabo Verdeans

An agricultural improvement scheme in Cabo Verde jointly undertaken by China and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization has benefited over 4,500 people there since it began in February, the People’s Daily says.

The FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme has contributed US$1.5 million to the cost of the three-year scheme, according to a report in the Chinese Communist Party newspaper last Friday.

The report says the purpose of the scheme is to increase farm productivity, ensure Cabo Verde has enough food, alleviate poverty and create jobs, particularly for women and for young people of both sexes.

China has deployed seven instructors to help the Cabo Verdean Agriculture Ministry train Cabo Verdeans in pest control, livestock farming and the farming of seaweed, the report says.

The cooperative endeavour makes Cabo Verdean agriculture more resilient, the People’s Daily quotes Cabo Verdean Agriculture Minister Gilberto Correia Carvalho Silva as saying.