China’s medical Team stars a new round of work on anti-malaria in São Tomé and Príncipe

As part of the anti-malaria program of São Tomé and Príncipe, the China’s medical team started on Tuesday another cycle of nocturnal fumigation projects in its capital, according to the STP-Press news agency.

Guo Wenfeng, leader of the team of the Chinese Consultative Office of Malaria Control Areas, explained that this new round of fumigation that aims to combat the mosquitoes that transmit malaria comes together with the mass treatment of medicines such as Artequick (Arteminin + Piperaquine) and primaquine.

The leader said that the new round of work starts at the beginning of the gravana season (absence of rain) in order to reverse the trend of increasing cases in recent months in the country.

The new round of fumigation projects will cover the identified vulnerable areas in the Água Grande District, namely Bairro de Liberdade, Diogo Nunes, Campo de Milho, Poto-Poto, etc.