China’s Citic introduces modern farming to Angola

Citic Construction, a leading construction and engineering firm in China, is introducing modern farming technologies to Angola, Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua reported at the weekend.

“Angola is a large country with the most plentiful rainfall in southwest Africa, and we are trying to restore Angola’s status as one of the main grain producers in the African history,” Liu Guigen, general manager of Citic Construction Africa, told Xinhua.

The Chinese firm is running two farms in Angola: one in Uige province and one in Malanje province. Each farm covers 10,000 hectares. The news agency described that at Malanje as “the most advanced”, yielding more than 10,000 tons of grains and beans in the preceding harvest season.

“The only way [for Angola] to achieve self-sufficiency is the establishment and development of a modern farming sector,” Mr Liu said.

He added that Citic’s initiatives were supported by the Chinese and Angolan administrations. He also said the company was currently negotiating with the Angolan Government to run a 30,000-hectare farm in the central province of Bie.

According to Xinhua, Angola needs 4 million tons of grains each year but the African nation currently only produces 1.5 million tons annually, covering the shortfall via imports from countries including Brazil and Namibia.