China, World Bank help Guinea-Bissau improve customs service

Guinea-Bissauhasbought the SYDONIA integrated customs management system with money given by China and the World Bank, Agência de Notícias da Guiné (ANG) says, citing a Guinean senior official, José Casimiro Varela.

The system will help customs officers perform better, Mr Varela is quoted as saying in a report carried by the Guinean state-run news agency on Wednesday.

Mr Varela said the purpose is to increase revenue to help pay for government efforts to reduce poverty, particularly in the remotest parts of Guinea-Bissau.

Efforts by Guinean customs officers, with technical help from over the border in Senegal, have nearly doubled revenue at the Bafatá, Gabú, São-Domingos and Quebo border posts, ANG quotes Mr Varela as saying.