China Trade Center presents the Chinese market to entrepreneurs from Piracicaba

The China Trade Center Group’s team was in Piracicaba, on October 10th, to present the general characteristics of China to the region’s businessmen, at the headquarters of the Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electrical Material, Electronic, Steel and Foundry Industries Trade Union (SIMEPI), of Piracicaba, Saltinho and Rio das Pedras.

During the event, SIMESPI’s president, Euclides Baraldi Libardi, made an introduction in which he welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of the Sino-Brazilian relationship, then.

The people in charge of the China Trade Center Group presented the characteristics of China, the history of China as well as the opportunities that China can offer the world in the post-Covid-19 period.

The intention of this event is that SIMESPI and the China Trade Center group can organize a business mission to China as soon as the country normalizes the procedures for the entry of foreigners and the local fairs return to receive international visitors.