China to supply Guinea-Bissau with 2,600 tonnes of food

China is to give Guinea-Bissau 2,600 tonnes of food in an emergency measure to help relieve shortages due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese Ambassador to Guiné-Bissau Guo Ce has disclosed.

In an article he wrote for publication in the China Daily, a Chinese state-run newspaper, Mr Guo says his country is willing to increase Sino-Guinean cooperation in 2021, being amenable to any project beneficial to the socio-economic development of Guinea-Bissau or the strengthening of the Sino-Guinean relationship.

Mr Guo says the teaching hospital affiliated with the North Sichuan Medical College in southwestern China and a Guinean hospital have made arrangements intended to enhance medical expertise and improve healthcare in Guinea-Bissau.

Next month ground will be broken for the construction of the Guinea-Bissau section of an international highway along the coast of West Africa, a project on which China and Guinea-Bissau are working together, Mr Guo says in his article in the China Daily.