China to pay for new highway to capital of Guiné-Bissau

China will pay the entire US$30 million cost of building a highway to improve access to Bissau, the capital of Guiné-Bissau, Lusa reports.

The Portuguese news agency says the 6-lane road will be 8.2 km long and connect Osvaldo Vieira International Airport to Safim, serving as the main access to Bissau by land.

The report quotes Chinese Ambassador to Guiné-Bissau Jin Hongjun as saying the highway will be the first built by China as part of a projected highway along the coast of West Africa.

Mr Jin said the project entailed no borrowing by the Guiné-Bissau public sector.

The highway will serve as the axis for other infrastructure such as water mains and power lines, Lusa quotes Guiné-Bissau Public Works Minister Óscar Barbosa as saying.