China to help get rid of millipedes on Cabo Verdean island

Chinese specialists are due in Cabo Verde soon to help eradicate millipedes infesting farms on the northern island of Santo Antão, Inforpress says, citing a senior official with responsibility for farming, Miguel Moura.

The millipedes feed on plants, their roots and tubers, the Cabo Verdean state-owned news agency reported last Thursday.

The report quotes Mr Moura as saying a ban on the abundance of produce grown on Santo Antão being sold on any of the southern islands would eventually be lifted, but only after careful study.

Mr Moura said the ban is meant to prevent the infestation spreading to other farming islands.

Since 1984 the infestation has limited sales of produce grown on of Santo Antão to the northern and central islands of São Vicente, Sal and Boavista, Inforpress says.