China purchased $50.8 billion in agribusiness products from Brazil in 2022

China imported US$50.8 billion in agribusiness products from Brazil in 2022. The figure is 43.3% higher than in 2021 and practically double the performance registered five years ago. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA), the value exported to China accounts for 31.9% of the total agricultural export value of US$ 159 billion.

Products from the soy complex, meats, forestry products, sugar and alcohol complexes, and fibers and textile products dominate the basket. It amounted to $48.915 billion, or 83.2% of total exports.

In addition to the five prominent sectors, Brazil also exports other products, such as cocoa, coffee, cereals, juices, animal feed, oils, tea, among others. Of this group, the most representatives are coffee and juice. The grain cost 86.2 million dollars for 21.7 thousand tons. Juices, primarily orange juice, brought in $95.1 million.

(Source: BrasilAgro)