China gives Guinea-Bissau more doses of COVID-19 vaccine

The Chinese Embassy in Bissau has handed over to Guinea-Bissau 200,000 more doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 devised by Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd of China, a gift from the Chinese government, Lusa reports.

The Portuguese news agency quotes Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau Guo Ce as saying at the turnover on Monday that that Guinea-Bissau had been given 300,000 doses of the vaccine over the course of 35 days.

The official in charge of the Guinean effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Magda Robalo, thanked China for what she called its gesture of solidarity which, she said, would help her government hit its target of vaccinating half of all Guinean adults by December, according to Lusa.

In a separate report, a Guinean newspaper, O Democrata, says the embassy also turned over to Ms Robalo’s staff five computers, a television set, a video projector, three printers and a photocopier.

Guinea-Bissau received 100,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine in August, O Democrata says.