China donates millions to projects in Cape Verde

The Chinese government will make a donation of US$25 million to Cape Verde under an annual agreement on economic and technical cooperation. The agreement is aimed at developing such projects in the African country.

China’s ambassador to Cape Verde, Su Jian, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde, Jorge Tolentino, signed the new agreement on November 5.

Under it, funds will be granted as donations, according to reports from media in Cape Verde.

“This action is very important, especially at this particular moment in the development of Cape Verde. It is a very strong contribution on our side to help the country develop more easily,” Ambassador Su said, as quoted by local media.

Mr Tolentino stressed the “substantial assistance” provided by China for the development of Cape Verde.

“Cape Verde needs to avoid unaffordable debt, and that task will be greatly facilitated by this noble gesture from China,” the minister said.