China donates 13.9 million euros and forgives 7 million of Mozambique’s debt

The Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation was signed on the 13th of September by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Mozambique, Verónica Macamo, and the ambassador of China to Mozambique, Wang Hejun. Macamo and Wang also signed Mozambique’s Partial Debt Forgiveness Agreement and a certificate of delivery of humanitarian food assistance from Beijing.

China will donate the equivalent of 13.9 million euros and cancel seven million euros of Mozambique’s debt under agreements signed between the two countries.

Referring specifically to the Partial Debt Forgiveness Agreement, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation noted that the agreement would contribute to the relief of public finances and to providing resources available for social and economic development projects in Mozambique.

Verónica Macamo stressed that the People’s Republic of China is a friendly country that has been beside Mozambique, giving its contribution to efforts towards the country’s sustainable development.