China helps Cabo Verde equip its first intensive care unit

China has donated medical equipment for first intensive care unit in Cabo Verde, at the Agostinho Neto University Hospital in Praia, Inforpress reports.

The Cabo Verdean state-owned news agency quotes Imadoeno Cabral, the director of the hospital, as saying the unit has received its first cardiac monitors, and that he expects more equipment in due course.

The report quotes a Chinese diplomat, Shi Leike, as saying the first gift of equipment, handed over by the Chinese embassy in Praia on Tuesday, was a token donation which would be followed by more.

The diplomat expressed satisfaction that work on building the unit is complete, the report says.

Mr Cabral said the unit was due to open this month, and that early next year more equipment was due to arrive, along with instructors to give Cabo Verdeans training in intensive care, according to Inforpress.