China defence scholars willing to co-operate with Angola

China’s National Defence University, based in Beijing, is willing to co-operate with Angolan military education institutions, the newspaper Jornal de Angola reported.

“We will discuss the possibility of establishing agreements in the fields of training that could benefit both sides,” said the university’s President, Zhang Shibo, as quoted by the newspaper.

Mr Zhang was speaking during the Angolan National Defence Minister’s visit to the institution on Tuesday. João Gonçalves Lourenço has been in China since Sunday for a six-day official visit aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and exchange in several areas related to defence.

Mr Zhang said the National Defence University’s main mission was to train people capable of dealing with challenges including threat of war and terrorism. He noted the higher education institution aims to train high-ranking military and governmental officials.

Mr Lourenço welcomed the university’s offer of co-operation.

The Angolan Minister stressed – as quoted by Jornal de Angola – that China was currently a world power partly due to its strong investment in training and in the development of its technological sector, particularly in the telecommunications field.

According to Jornal de Angola, China’s National Defence University trains on average 3,000 students every year, 400 of whom come from other countries.