China-Cape Verde ties reaching ‘turning point’: former diplomat

Former Cape Verdean Ambassador to China Júlio César Morais said the co-operation between the two countries is now “multidimensional” and approaching “a turning point”.

In an interview with Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana, Mr Morais said the bilateral relationship between China and Cape Verde “has evolved considerably”, including the establishment of a mechanism of high-level communication between the two countries.

“We are witnessing a turning point with greater emphasis on economic co-operation, trade and investment,” he said. The investment by Macau businessman David Chow to build a 250-million-euros (US$282 million) casino resort in Cape Verde was an example of long-term co-operation between the two nations, he added.

Reviewing his 10-year ambassadorial tenure in China that ended last month, Mr Morais said China was also boosting co-operation with Cape Verde in training, apart from economic and infrastructure co-operation. There are currently 250 Cape Verdean students in different Chinese universities, he added.