China buys 40% of Brazil’s agribusiness exports

China is the biggest buyer of agribusiness exports from Brazil. In the first half of 2023, sales to this Asian country generated 37% of the sector’s revenue from the foreign market.

Between January and March 2023, China faced almost US$31 billion in agribusiness exports from Brazil. During the period, shipments to the Chinese closed at 52 million tons. Thus, 40% of all cargo sent by the sector to the foreign market was destined for the Asian giant.

Soya in natura is the main product for the Asian giant. Shipments of this grain accounted for 52% of all Brazilian agribusiness revenue from the Chinese market in the first half.

In the second position, fresh meat appears. Adding cattle, poultry and pork, revenue closed at US$ 4 billion. Third place went to cellulose (almost US$ 2 billion). In all, China received around 260 items with agribusiness exports from Brazil.

(Source: Revista Oeste)