China authorizes group travel to 40 more countries, including Portugal and Brazil

Starting on the 15th of March, Chinese citizens will be able to take group trips to over 40 countries, including Portugal and Brazil, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on the 10th of March.

This is the second batch of destinations authorized in the pilot program for group travel after visits to 20 countries and regions of the world were relaunched on the 6th of February.

Travel agencies and online tourism companies can now launch products, promotions and other preparatory work, said the Ministry, stressing that the decision aims to contribute to the post pandemic recovery of the world tourism secto.

According to the “Global Times”, a Chinese newspaper that is published in English under the control of the “People’s Daily” data from the travel platform “Fliggy”, from the Alibaba group, indicate that searches for international airline tickets increased by 185% in just an hour after the announcement by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China.

(Source: NewsAvia)