China as biggest supplier to Angola in 1H

China was the biggest supplier of goods to Angola in the first half of this year, while Portugal – as the second biggest supplier – trailed behind in second place, official data show.

The National Statistics Institute of Angola, quoted by Portuguese newspaper Público, said Angola imported products worth 57.51 billion kwanzas (US$424.44 million) from China in the second quarter, representing 15.4 percent of total imports.

In the same quarter, the African nation imported goods worth 67.24 billion kwanzas from Portugal, accounting for 18 percent of the total.

In the first half of this year imports worth 165.11 billion kwanzas were delivered from China, while Portugal in the first half supplied goods worth 137.27 billion kwanzas.

In August, the Angolan and Chinese authorities signed a monetary agreement. Under it, the currency of China is convertible in Angola and vice versa. The arrangement will in particular enable Angola to buy more Chinese products, Público reported.