China announces that it will invest BRL 600 billion in the recovery of Brazilian pastures

The Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Fávaro announced that China will invest US$120 billion (about R$600 billion) in the recovery of Brazilian pastures. The agreement was closed after negotiations with authorities from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil and represents a significant milestone in the partnership between the two countries.

The project aims to revitalize areas of degraded pastures and low productivity, allowing a significant increase in Brazilian agricultural production without the need to expand deforestation. The initiative has the collaboration of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and will be supervised by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), ensuring the correct use of resources.

The agreement provides for the recovery of up to 40 million hectares of pasture areas over a period of 10 years, boosting food production and reinforcing food security in Brazil and worldwide.

(Source: O Documento)