Charlestrong now selling homes in Mozambican development

Charlestrong Engineering Technology and Consulting Ltd of Macao has begun selling the 240 apartments in the second phase of its Vila Olímpica housing development in Maputo, Jornal Notícias reports.

The Mozambican newspaper says the sales drive is the outcome of a deal struck by Charlestrong and the Mozambican state housing agency.

Buyers can pay a lump sum of 1 million meticals (about US$15,700) for a home, or pay in monthly instalments spread over 20 years, the report says.

It says the buyers must be young people or public servants with steady jobs.

If over 240 prospective buyers come forward, they will draw lots to decide which of them will get an apartment.

The development is part of a government programme meant to provide young Mozambicans with housing, Jornal Notícias says.