CBMM details manufacturing plans in partnership with Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Horwin

The Manager of the battery program of the Brazilian Metallurgy and Mining Company (CBMM), Rogério Marques Ribas, detailed the manufacturing plans in the Alerta Super program on Rádio Super 91.7 FM last Wednesday.

According to Marques, the CBMM has established a partnership with the Chinese manufacturer Horwin and is building two demo motorcycles with the technology from Japan’s partner, Toshiba, which uses niobium. Horwin has publicly announced that everything goes well and it wants to use these batteries in its production line in Manaus.

The prototype of the project should be launched this year and will use the CR6 motorcycle model of Horwin with an engine power of 6,200 W and a range of up to 150 km. The battery used is the result of three years of research and development partnership between CBMM and Toshiba.