Cape Verde premier wants more public-private partnerships

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde José Maria Neves has restated the government’s strategy of making the country an “open door” to Africa and called for more public-private partnerships and an increase in foreign investment into the archipelago.

At the opening ceremony of the 18th edition of the Cape Verde International Fair (FIC), involving about 150 companies from 18 countries, Mr Neves noted that this year’s event was the largest ever and the first organised through a public-private partnership.

The fair took place between November 14 and 16.

“Cape Verde is gradually fulfilling its role of being a business platform, a gateway to Africa. This is what we want for Cape Verde,” Mr Neves said, according to local media.

The Prime Minister said the co-operation between the public and private sectors is “fundamental” to increase productivity, improve management, competitiveness and sophistication in the public administration and businesses.

“Only by having a more collaborative approach can we improve the business environment and rise in terms of competitiveness,” said Mr Neves.