Cape Verde has highest Web access among Africa’s Portuguese-speaking nations

Cape Verde’s people have the most widespread access to the Internet of all the populations in Portuguese-speaking African nations, the country’s newspaper A Semana reported on Friday.

The findings were released this week in a UN report, the newspaper added.

According to the document – as quoted by A Semana – 40.3 percent of Cape Verdean people are connected to the Internet. Among the Portuguese-speaking African nations, Sao Tome and Principe citizens are the second most likely to have access to the Web (24.4 percent), followed by Angola (24.3 percent), Mozambique (5.9 percent) and Guinea-Bissau (3.3 percent).

Among all the Portuguese-speaking countries in the world, Portugal has the largest access to the Internet (64.4 percent), followed by Brazil (57.6 percent). East Timor has a 1.1-percent access to the World Wide Web, the newspaper added.

Brazil ranked first among the Portuguese-speaking countries for mobile broadband coverage, followed by Cape Verde, Portugal, Angola, Saint Tome and Principe and Mozambique.