Canton Fair presented details of its 132nd edition for the Brazilian market in a webinar of the China Trade Center

The China Trade Center promoted on the morning of the 19th of October, a promotional Webinar of the 132nd edition of the Canton Fair for the Brazilian public. The event aimed to promote the fair to the Brazilian market.

Citing the Ministry of Economy and an article published by the portal, the sector’s export figures for 2022 show the best performance in the last five years. There was growth both in FOB value and volume. The highlight was the 20.86% increase registered by the textile and apparel sector in exports from January to August 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Imports, on the other hand, increased 17.35% ranging from US$ 3.29 billion to US$ 3.86 billion with the highest volume originating from China (58.5%).

The 132nd edition of the Canton Fair will be open for access and interaction with suppliers until the 24th of October.